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Cages and enclosures may seem like a very generic term since these are derivatives of fences that can be used in various settings. Yes, they can have different applications indoors and outdoors, and they can also be used in various places.

Since the term cages and enclosures may seem to be widely generalized, maybe it is crucial to realize what is common with material that these are made of. Cages and enclosures have the basic design of being composed of bars, meshes, chain links, or cross linked materials usually made with any metal, usually steel. They have gaps or spaces between them. This does not make their ability to keep and store items less secure though. In fact, this design is what makes them efficient.

The gaps between these links, bars, and meshes are small enough so as not to allow breach or security or theft. Aside from being efficient in preventing theft or any other breach of security, these cages and enclosures would also be very efficient in making sure that the items inside are in good condition. Since there is open space, it is easy for any moisture to be evaporated out. Hence, the moisture is not trapped or collected inside. We all know that any trapped moisture can be a nidus for damages in any stored item or material. 

We offer custom making and fitting of cages and enclosures according to your needs. For example, if you need a batting cage for baseball practice, we can make one for you. Tools and equipment cages are also something that we specialize in. Hence, if you need anything at all, make sure that you consult with us so that we can give you an estimate and start planning your project early on.

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