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About Us

The Providence Fence Company is one of the top companies in our locality that can offer you the best selection of fences depending on your goals and priorities. At a time when it seems hard or even impossible to find a fence company in Providence that you can trust, we can be at your service. We know how important a simple fence can be in your daily living. Hence, we make sure that we deliver the best for you: the best or nothing at all.

It has been twenty years since the founders of our company came up with the vision of making sure that everyone can have access to quality fences, no matter how large or how small your budget is. One of our goals is to be inclusive to our customers, and we can do that by making sure that you have a wide selection. That is right, whatever your needs are for fence installation in Providence, we can provide them for your in the greatest possible quality and in the timeliest fashion that we can deliver.

DIY fences, when compared to one that is professionally made can be quite obvious to spot even from the perspective of an inexperienced observer. So, who would not want a fence that has been made meticulously? The best part is that our company believes that everyone deserves this kind of quality of fence despite how thin one’s resources are. Indeed, quality need not be expensive. What is important is that you have access to a fence that provides great security, has style, even at an affordable price tag.

Over the years, we have built on our expertise, and we have also earned the good faith and trust of many homeowners and commercial property owners in town. With this, we no know by heart how we can serve our clients better and provide them the professional fence installation services that they deserve.

Despite working in this chosen field of ours for quite some time, we have committed to always keeping up with the latest trends and techs that relate to building fences so that we can always offer our customers updated catalogs and more efficient outcomes. This is as important to us as it is for you. On top of these, we always welcome the feedback of our clients. This is what has helped the company grow since the humble beginnings that we have had in 2001.

In the new decade, our company vows to provide better selection for everyone who has fence needs in Providence. We will strive to work harder with our trusted employees to make sure that no less than the best services are being delivered to you. Quality, timeliness, and keeping up with the modern trends are just among the many things that you will not find with any other fence company around.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now at 401 356-3395 and we can even arrange an estimate for you at absolutely no cost!